5 Reasons to Hire Student-Athletes

Let’s start with a clean slate and open up with a quasi full-disclosure statement. The atypical Student-Athlete does not equate to an academic all-star, class president, or your standard editor-in-chief of the school newspaper. However, the vast majority of the Student-Athlete population are the real world version of a Transformer – they’re more than what meets the eye!

Here are just a few reasons why every student-athlete resume has the potential to be your next blue-chip hire!

Achieve Goals

1.) Student-Athletes Achieve their Goals

Most of us have played at least one sport since before we can remember. Heck, some hockey players practically learned how to skate before they learned how to walk. Ever since we laced up the cleats or snapped on a helmet for the first time, there has been a coach outlining what needs to happen to be successful. Whether that’s driving to the cage with reckless abandon, locking down our opponent so they can’t do their job or miraculously emerging with the ball from a nasty scrum only to pass it and set up a teammate for an easy goal. We epitomize the very essence of a ‘can do’ attitude and we never shy away from putting our noses to the grindstone.

2.) Student-Athletes are Resilient

Going all the way back to little league, our win-to-loss ratio is skewed heavily towards the later. We’ve had our fair share of losses and we know how to take a devastating blow without breaking stride. More importantly, we know how to react, review and rebound following a loss. Not to come across as brash, but this is a pretty rare find in the “participation ribbon” world in which we live these days.

3.) Team Oriented

It’s really not that complicated…we know how to work together as a singular, cohesive, unit. While the ability to lead is a practically a universal trait among student-athletes, we also know when it is appropriate to hand the reigns over to a more qualified teammate. Where one teammate lacks, another is at the ready to pick up the slack and keep the forward momentum going. This translates directly over to the modern workplace. Think of student-athletes as a far more polished version of the ‘Bad Boys’ era for the Detroit Pistons. If you haven’t seen it already, the ESPN 30 for 30 special on the ‘Bad Boys’ is phenomenal.

Where one teammate lacks, another is at the ready to pick up the slack and keep the forward momentum going.

4 .) Time Management Pros

The day-to-day life of a typical student-athlete is busy and time is a valuable resource. Every day is a balancing act between classes, studying, conditioning, strength training, practice, travel, and games…oh yeah, don’t forget sleep! The constant flow of demands on both the academic and athletic fronts requires a disciplined mindset. This highly regimented attitude directly translates to practically any career path.

5.) In It for the Long Haul

Not every student-athlete is destined for a quick stint at a D1 SEC powerhouse like Alabama before going to the pros. In fact, some student-athletes take on the challenge for the pure love of the sport. This is especially true for D3 student-athletes, which is a world apart from any ESPN College Gameday camera crew. Heck, there’s no such thing as an athletic scholarship for D3 student-athletes.

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