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How to Use Social Media to Land a Job

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The vast majority of employers check potential employee’s social media accounts prior to extending an offer. There are thousands of articles about what not to do on social media. However, there are few that discuss how to put social media to work for you during the job hunt. Vala Afshar, CMO of Entrasys, states that “in the social era, the web is your CV”. That being said, it is a wise idea to start using social media to land your next job. Here are a few tips to help you start using social media to land a job!

Use social media to land a job by following the company on Twitter

Most top tier candidates make it a point to familiarize themselves with the inner workings of their prospective employer. On that note, it is a great idea to follow both the company’s account and the accounts of any core executives on Twitter. Twitter is a great way to understand what’s on their minds and to find out how they market their business. Furthermore, you can also gain some insight regarding the company’s culture.

Use social media to shape your story

You’ll likely only have a few hours to demonstrate your knowledge in a given area or topic if you’re currently applying or interviewing for a role. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to land a finance position or a marketing role, chance are you can convey your knowledge of the core skill set required and leverage social media to share it. You can make this happen by crafting a personal blog that illustrates your insights with examples from your experiences and promote it via your social networks. Doing so demonstrates your ability to write well while simultaneously supporting your interview with concrete evidence of your knowledge base.

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Keep your social profiles current

Make it a point to keep your social profiles and resume current while you’re on the job hunt. Try to do this on a monthly basis. Employers expect your credentials and social presence to convey your current role, experience, and education. It is essential that everything is current so that you don’t miss out on opportunities to capture their attention. It doesn’t matter if you’ve completed a new certification or received an internal award – your followers and connections should know! Said certification or award may illustrate a specific skill you need to qualify for a new job posting. As a result, ensure that your contact info, photo, education, skills, relevant experience, and current city are all conveyed on your active social media accounts. Furthermore, make sure to update those that aren’t on a monthly basis.

Don’t underestimate your friends

Most people typically ignore Facebook as an employment brand channel since many people consign the information they share with their ‘friends’. However, your Facebook connections can be a powerful source of referrals when it comes to the job hunt. That being said, don’t be afraid to use your social networks to ask for advice, introductions, or references. Furthermore, make sure that each of your social channels reflects the professionalism and personality required for your dream position.

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Give as much as you get while using social media to land a job

When it comes to job hunting, there are few things more annoying than people who constantly ask for help or advice without offering anything in return. Gary Vaynerchuk is a social media wizard and CEO of Vayner Media. He has more than 990,000 followers and is basically an unstoppable force on Twitter. Regardless of his divine presence, he frequently asks his network, “what can I do to help you?” This simple act of kindness and care is an excellent example that we should all follow. Share open job opportunities with your company via your social media connections. Offer to talk with individuals seeking employment in your field. Your unsolicited generosity will be repaid when you’re seeking an opportunity that you care about deeply down the line.

Closing thoughts

Landing your dream job is typically highly competitive and requires every resource you have to support your candidacy. Instead of viewing social media as a net potential negative for your social brand, identify the ways your social media accounts can improve your networking and interviewing processes. Follow the five steps above to enhance your process and you’ll be en route to your dream job in no time.

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