The Stuff I Use

Yes…I’m a casual affiliate marketer…don’t hate me. Many consider affiliate marketing a nusance at best, so I’m not going to shove anything down your throat and forcefeed you a vat of snake oil. Instead, I’m simply going to suggest a few tools and services that I use almost everyday that make my life 100x easier and more productive. That being said, check out the products and services below and see if they’re a good fit for you personal productivity systems. If they seem like a good fit, give them a shot! If you do decide to subscribe/purchase any of the tools and services I discuss, please make sure to click through via the links I provide. It’s not like I’m making a king’s ransom off of these sales, but they definitely help chip away at my student loan debt from my MBA!


ProWritingAid is my savior. In all honesty, I’m a solid writer and have a way with language. However, this tool helps me take my game to the next level. Between the 20 in-depth reports that go way beyond a basic spelling and grammar check like word, the word choice guidance, or the wide array of integrations, ProWritingAid is an essential tool for any respectable master of the English language.

Nimbus Note

Nimbus Note is a phenomenal tool for collaborating with both teams & clients. It allows you to organize your information in a clear fashion with workspaces, folders & super documents. You can also gather all of your content and ideas on a single super page and share it with a single click with your team and clients. The powerful editor includes manageable blocks of text, databases, files, videos and embeds from other services.

You should choose Nimbus note if you want ot empower your business with on-brand environments. A white-label solution paired with branding customization and an organiztion console helps your clients eat, sleep and breathe your brand.

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