Social Media and Email Marketing: Can They Interact Together?

You likely feel as if email and social media marketing are on opposite ends of the marketing spectrum. However, they can most certainly work together to benefit your next marketing campaign. This post is going to take a look into how social media and email marketing are great on their own, yet it will also look into the new heights you can conquer by blending them together.

Social media marketing

In it’s most basic sense, social media marketing is the basic act of promoting content via social media channels. These channels include Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. You should tailor your content to best adapt to each social media channel to boost lead generation and increase brand awareness.

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Social media marketing should also strive to meet the needs of the audience on each medium. For instance, you’ll want to generate captivating visuals for Instagram and complement said images with brief captions. On the contrary, in-depth storytelling works wonders on LinkedIn.

One major benefit of social media marketing is our digital-forward society is that 3.2 billion people use social media around the globe. This may leave you wondering – what’s the challenge? The organic reach of social media is becoming harder to come by each and every day. For instance, the number of people using Facebook to seek out new brands is down 11%. Clearly these aren’t exactly the best odds in town.

Even though social media marketers can’t rely on organic reach these days, it’s still a viable venue versus email marketing. Furthermore, social media channels allow businesses to engage with customers directly, which in turn builds brand loyalty.

Fun, engaging content, such as live videos and in-app eCommerce options, are channel-specific perks of social media marketing. For example, technology company Dell uses social media to promote their new laptop during “National Coffee Day”, which is a social-media inspired holiday.

Email marketing

Having explored the importance of social media marketing, it’s time to discuss the value of those emails we scroll through every morning. We willingly opt-into the emails we receive from businesses. On that note, it should go without saying that we have a genuine interest in their newsletters. Furthermore, these brands also develop a sense of loyalty through email marketing via personalized content in our inboxes.

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Email marketing is the process of leading prospects own the sales funnel via sending marketing materials directly to those who’ve subscribed to your content. For example, a fan of Adobe might sign up for their newsletters to seize promotional offers.

Roughly 3.8 billion people are of the same nature, in that they start their day by checking their email. Furthermore, 60% of that three billion prefer to receive marketing materials via email.

So this likely leads one to wonder – why email marketing? First off, email marketing leads to sales. Two-thirds of customers purchase products as a direct result of email marketing. That’s a pretty sweet deal with an ROI of 4400%. For those of us who aren’t familiar with ROI, that means that you can expect a $44 return for every $1 spent. Again, that’s a pretty wicked deal!

At this point, you’re likely struggling to figure out how to best use both of the above methods to maximize the benefit of your marketing campaigning. Thankfully, you don’t have to worry – we’re about to cover that next!

How to blend social media and email marketing

As a brand, you don’t want to just Tweet out your email subscription link and hope that your followers sign up. There are effective, eye-catching ways you can employ to blend both marketing tactics in ways that will flat out delight your customers.

Social media marketing appeals to new potential customers and gives a rough idea of your brand. Email marketing, on the other hand, focuses on loyal consumers and further enhances those relationships. Thse methods can work hand-in-hand to provide stellar marketing to your audience.

You can easily provide subscribers with new avenues through which to engage with your brand and content by incorporating social profile links in your marketing emails.

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Email promotion ought to entice readers to check out more about your products. Embedded links to a company’s social pages invite subscribers to check them out and connect with them there.

A wholesome approach to digital marketing involves blending both social media and email marketing to reach your customers in creative and memorable ways. While it may seem hard to believe, the two rival methods often work very well together.

Brands can integrate both social media and email marketing to enhance their level of engagement. The next time you scroll through your email inbox, think about how your audience can receive similar content from your social presence as well.

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