Thanks to my self-diagnosed addiction to trying new things out, which I have my tech guru friends to thank, I have decided to test out CloudHQ and see what it’s all about. These same friends are the same people who tempted me to try out all sorts of other online and cloud-based services, so it makes sense that they have enlightened me in regards to the very existence of CloudHQ.

My CloudHQ Toolset

Here is a rough list of the assortment of services that I currently use and hope to unify and/or streamline with CloudHQ…

  • 3 Google Drive Accounts (1 paid upgrade)
  • 1 Dropbox (paid upgrade)
  • Evernote *Especially the Skitch app extension*
  • 3 Gmail Accounts (personal, college, and work)
  • And probably a few more that I can’t even recall
So far, I have created an account and submitted a request for the academic/student rate. I’m curious to see how everything pans out and I will report back with a follow-up post in the next week or so…or however long it takes me to form a confident opinion of CloudHQ.