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15 Awesome Digital Marketing Blogs

In the world of digital marketing, there is always more to learn. Technology is always changing. Trends are adjusting. If you don’t stay on top of things and do your research, you run the risk of falling behind. Thankfully, there are a number of great marketing blogs out there. The following blogs will help keep you ahead of the pack and keep you up-to-date on the most important marketing news and trends that you best be aware of. Make sure to add these blogs to your regular reading list. Personally, I’m a big fan of Feedly for all of my most valuable subscriptions.

My Go-To Digital Marketing Blogs

1.) Moz

SEO is a major player when it comes to digital marketing and the Moz blog is one of the most reliable resources out there. This resource is great for learning about SEO trends, studies, and best practices. The content featured in this blog dives deep enough to be useful to veterans, yet is still basic enough for rookies.

2.) HubSpot

HubSpot is renowned across the industry as a thought leader when it comes to content creation. While the blog is focused on inbound marketing, the content covers a wide array of topics that are relevant to marketers of all skill levels. Topics range from customer service to identifying your next blue chip hire to good old fashion productivity.

3.) Content Marketing Institute

Content marketing has become the cats pajamas in recent years across the digital marketing realm. The team at the Content Marketing Institute have caught onto this trend and have fully adopted the motto that ‘content is king’. CMI was a trendsetter when they made it quite clear that they firmly believed in the power of effective content. Even though there are countless spin-offs of CMI, they still remain among the best in the business in terms of content marketing trends and best practices.

4.) Copyblogger

As with CMI, Copyblogger also places content marketing on a pedestal. They also speak highly of other forms of copy that businesses typically use to build relationships and sell their products and services. This is an extremely helpful resource for copy writers of all skill levels.

5.) Search Engine Journal

If you couldn’t tell from the name, Search Engine Journal goes deep into the subject of search engine marketing (SEM). Their blog covers updates to search engine algorithms, offers tips for pay-per-click campaigns and general SEO info that is quite helpful.

6.) CopyHackers

Selecting the right language to drive a sale has been part of the marketing game since the dawn of marketing. However, digital marketing has created a handful of new channels and contexts for marketers to decipher. CopyHackers is a great source for research-backed information and advice on how to write in a way that will land you conversions.

7.) Social Media Examiner

Social media has been an enigma for most every brand in recent years, but fear not, you have Social Media Examiner at your disposal. This gem is your source for studies pertaining to what works and what doesn’t work. Not to mention that they also provide tutorials on using social media in an effective way to grow and promote your brand.

8.) Convince and Convert

The Convince and Convert blog covers a wide spectrum of digital marketing topics. Their posts provide tips for digital marketing, thought leadership posts on where the industry is going, and examples of good marketing that can help others.

9.) Grow

The Grow blog has been providing useful information on digital marketing and technology for years, occasionally venturing into controversial territory (most notably with the widely discussed content shock post a few years back). The blog includes a mix of general marketing advice and thought leadership pieces that analyze what’s happening now in digital marketing and what’s to come.

10.) Buffer

The Buffer blog primarily focuses on social media advice and research, while occasionally venturing into broader topics relevant to marketers, like design tips and useful marketing tools. They’re known for well-researched posts that tackle topics in-depth.

11.) Kissmetrics

Kissmetrics is a digital marketing blog with a particular focus on making use of marketing analytics to improve results over time. Many of their posts are based on testing and research performed by brands and what readers can learn from it.

12.) Hongkiat

Primarily focused on design and technology, Hongkiat points people toward helpful (often free) design resources, provides advice on doing design well, and occasionally ventures into other digital marketing topics like social media.

13.) Unbounce

All the other marketing you do is designed to get people to the point where your conversion optimization efforts can do their job. Likewise, the Unbounce blog covers advice and research on how to take your prospects from interest to action.

14.) MarketingProfs

MarketingProfs provides articles, infographics and original research on a wide variety of digital marketing topics. While much of their content requires (free) registration to access, it doesn’t take long to do and, for your trouble, you’ll gain access to one of the most respected publications in the digital marketing industry.

15.) MarketingLand

MarketingLand’s broad focus encompasses just about all things digital marketing. For example, they cover social media, search engine marketing, mobile marketing and marketing analytics. Their blog posts cover marketing news, general tips and information about popular marketing products.

Closing Thoughts

This list is anything but complete, it should still give you enough to get started. Best of all, it will help you maintain an edge on your competition. When it comes to your overall digital marketing IQ. Keeping up to speed with digital marketing updates and news will serve you well over time and will help you steer clear of falling behind current trends. Now get to reading a few of the blogs I’ve mentioned above!

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